Meet the Maker

STUDIO KARAKAL is all about finding healing, love and re-membering the divinity within ourselves. 
Studio Karakal is owned by Shayla, a self-taught metalsmith currently living in Cape Town, South Africa.
Shayla is a qualified environmental scientist, while her artistic expressions include traditional henna art, illustration, photography, and jewellery-making. Shayla's artistic work has been exhibited in a number of galleries in Port Elizabeth, Durban and Grahamstown and has been featured at the 2019 National Arts Festival, Ja.Magazine, and a number of interviews for the local TV channels. Studio Karakal has made jewellery for a number of influencers such as Imiso Ceramics, Kamini Pather, and has been featured in Msaki's music video "Born in a Taxi".
Studio Karakal is founded upon principles of transmuting The Sacred into wearable talismans, connecting the individual to their Divine Body and Inner Wisdom. Studio Karakal can currently be found at a number of festivals and markets in and around Cape Town (Retreat Yourself, The Mountain Market, Studio Candor Market).

You can check out a custom brass and labradorite piece featured in Msaki's music video "Born in a Taxi".
You can view a short interview of Shayla recorded in 2019 at her previous studio at Werk in the Baakens Valley, Port Elizabeth:
"In writing this article we acknowledge our place in Creation, the Ancestors who have gone before, and the teachings they left with us for the benefit of the future generations. We acknowledge the sacred gifts of the earth, the air, the fire and water that give life and sustain us. We acknowledge the minerals, plants, animals and the humans as our relatives. We acknowledge the traditional ancestral territories in which we visit, work, and live. We honour where our original ancestors' lineages come from, and the gifts they offer in our lives as they continue to direct our intention to reflect our spiritual teachings in practice."
- Decolonising the Body: Restoring Sacred Vitality